Friday, June 19, 2009

Silly things my nieces say...

Just thought I would share some silly things my nieces say. I almost always write them down somewhere or somehow via my phone or paper because they make me laugh so much. I hope to be like my nanny who did the same for Luke, Libby and myself.

Kaedyn - "That's when you fall and get guilty" 3.7.09

Kenzie - "oh gosh, oh gosh" 3.7.09

Me - "Kaedyn why are you yelling?"
Kadeyn - "Because princesses rock out!"

Kaedyn - "Look Aunt Hannah, I'm doing vallet (aka ballet)" 6.6.09

Kaedyn - "Mom, tickle me for a long time, but not TOO long." 6.4.09

Kaedyn - "This is the worsest day in my whole life" 5.30.09 (this was after Luke told her she had to turn the water off on the sprinkler and come in for a bath.

Kaedyn - "If you're not my aunt then you're not my home girl" 5.7.09

Kaedyn - "Don't laugh at me. I'm normal. I'm normal!" 5.7.09

Kenzie - "Hold you" (this means will you hold me or pick me up)

Friday, June 5, 2009

ET (aka DS) outside on a blowup

Last night we all went to the Watters Creek shopping area in Allen, TX. We had dinner at Mi Cocina. When Kaedyn first got there she got in my lap and we played until we had to eat. No doubt she loves the attention she gets from me.
After we ate we went outside on the lawn and laid out blankets in front of a huge blowup screen to watch the classic movie ET with about 500 other people, that were mostly kids. After seeing everyone else with fun picnic food we decided the next time we did this we would do the same.

While waiting for the movie to start we let Kaedyn & Kenzie dip their toes in the creek water and run around on the grass and play on the ducks. They of course LOVE to get tickled by their daddy. Could those two faces be any cuter?
The movie started around 8pm and Kaedyn couldn't quite get the fact that the name of the movie was ET. She was saying DS, and AT, it was making me laugh.
Both of them thought ET was just a little old man, and Kaedyn cried a little at the end. It was adorable. Kenzie was so excited when ET was going home and she was saying "Go ET! Go!" with her fist in the air. It was so super cute. Not soon after, she realized she didn't have her pass (aka: pacifier) and she was so not happy.
Somehow Kenzie has lost the ability to say my name, so she has been calling me "Ha". We tried to get her to say "Han" and then "Na"...needless to say she still calls me "Ha". Let's hope that name doesn't stick. ;)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Photo shoot in downtown McKinney

Yesterday afternoon I spent several hours with Rog in downtown McKinney. We were doing a photo shoot for his portfolio. We found some really cool places. One of which is my new fav hotel, its called the Grand Hotel. It was recently renovated and it is just beautiful in every way. It would be perfect for a small wedding or a weekend getaway or something. We walked all over downtown and found some really good locations for me to use in the future.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Easter 2009

I spent Easter this year with my brother's family. Mostly every moment with my 2 nieces Kaedyn & Kenzie. We had dinner at Dick & Martha's house and then had an Easter egg hunt inside due to the weather being a little wet and cold. Of course both of the girls were dressed completely in pink and they were just as beautiful as ever!
Chrissa got them pixie sticks in their Easter basket & they loved it! They kept pouring them out and licking it with their fingers. It was so cute.
We went outside to blow bubbles for a while, Cheryl had gotten them some stuff as well.